Steel Edging

A beautifully landscaped garden is nothing short of a work of art, so why not frame it with stylish steel edging? This is the latest trend in modern garden design that will last as it can be used in a variety of garden settings, from formal gardens, urban setting and to a cottage garden. Its versatility and durability provide a clean-cut, long-lasting finish to any landscape project. We have installed steel edging in Cheshire for over five years, working with both residents and commercial clients.

Steel Edging Applications

The beauty of this product is that it can be applied in various ways to create a lasting finish. Below are just some ideas of how you can introduce steel edging into your outdoor area.

Steel Lawn Edging

Creating definitive lines around your perfectly manicured lawn with a clean steel border is the perfect way to frame your landscape. Steel edging creates a barrier to prevent your grass from growing where it shouldn’t. Our steel edging is the perfect product to create curves or clean crisp lines bordering your lawn. Using steel edging is a great way to keep your plants and lawn separate.

It keeps the mulch in place and helps to prevent soil erosion. Due to its durability, steel will outlast any other alternatives such as timber. The steel can be used in the ground showing as little as 75mm or it can be installed as a raised bed making maintenance of your garden that little bit easier on the back.

Steel Edging

Retaining Steel Edging

Our steel can be used to create raised terraces and to retain soil, create steps or even replace those old rotten sleepers you may have in your garden.

Supply only
We have our self-fit edging available in 2m lengths. Which is easy to install using only a lump hammer and some basic tools.

patio edging

Path and Patio Edging


Define your pathway or patio using steel path edging. Flexible enough to create meandering path borders, yet durable enough to weather the elements.

Steel Edging in Cheshire

Steel Steps


Step up your terrace with our stylish steel steps! Whether you are looking to create a staggered level feature or simply need sturdier steps, steel is the answer.

Steel Fencing in Cheshire

Steel Tree Guards


Steel edging can be used to create a protective ring around trees, helping to prevent lawnmowers and other equipment from damaging the tree’s roots and trunk.

Steel Planters Cheshire

Containment Steel Edging


Metal edging can be used to contain gravel or stones. Therefore, creating a decorative border around garden elements like ponds or water features.

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Here at Steel and Scape, we fabricate our steel edging in-house bespoke to order. As such, we are happy to work with residents and landscapers across Cheshire to meet specific requirements. We already have a portfolio of happy customers across the area which you can view below. Furthermore, we work alongside our well-established sister company  Acorn Landscape Services which has an outstanding reputation.

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